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Big E's

The Gold Standard in the Pilot Car Industry

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About Big E's

     Here at Big E's, we believe that there should be a GOLDEN STANDARD in the
transportation industry, for pilot cars!!! (Oversize Weight Division)

     Big E’s has been in the pilot car industry since June 1st of 2016. Since Big E's was formatted, we’ve grown from a one car operation to seventeen fleet vehicles of our own, and thirty-five outsource vehicles that we use daily, and are continuously growing!!! There is no job too big or too small for our network of pilots!!!

     Every single one of our cars has been through extensive training by me (Erick Nickerson), and or by a Team of senior P/Evo's that I have in place to extend my teachings. We give every opportunity to our P/Evo’s and give them the proper etiquette training with the Evergreen Safety Program, to make a
bigger impact and difference out here in the industry!!!

     In today's world it seems as if anyone can do this job and call it a side hustle. This is very much not the case. This is a lifestyle that you must adjust too, to be able to do your job professionally, safely, and effectively. We are not the stereotypical company saying, "I can get a pilot car for a dime a dozen." This saying stops here with us!!!

     Big E's Company has a characteristic of actions!!! We love to show what we can do for people, and how they can benefit from being the best they can be by using all they are willing to put into a career/lifestyle change. We teach this to all our employees and contractors. "We are here to make a
difference, once the difference is being made and is very effective, then we can change the industry!!!"

A/C Services

Big E's Kustom Kar'z provides accurate diagnoses, clear and detailed quotes with competitive prices. We check for leaks, Freon level, and blower volume. Parts are replaced as necessary. When a leak is not detectable upon initial inspection, a dye is used to pinpoint the location.


Our service technicians link to your vehicle's computer processor, sensors, and microchips, logging any problems or issues present. It can reveal existing flaws including problems with the exhaust, transmission, oil tank and other systems. Diagnostic tests help pinpoint issues quickly and reliably, without need for a full vehicle inspection. If you’re short on time, these tests can help identify next steps to get you safely back on the road.

Lift & Leveling Kits

Big E's Kustom Kar'z sells and installs lift and leveling kits from leading brands in the aftermarket, suspension industry. Add a few inches to your truck or Jeep® with a suspension lift kit for bigger tires and wheels. Solve truck stance and nose dive problems with a leveling kit.

We make it easy to customize your vehicle to the perfect height.Lift and leveling kits can add both functionality and aesthetics by increasing ride height.

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